Gabriele Rothemann


Miniatures about Disappearance

Since the 18th century, ivory plates have been used by miniature painters to paint portraits of beloved persons.

As the Siberian permafrost has begun to melt, mammoths are coming to light. Their fossil ivory is the oldest plastic material in the history of art.
Gabriele Rothemann obtained small plates of mammoth ivory, treated them with light-sensitive photo emulsion and exposed photographs on them. The photographs, reminiscent of the documentation of 19th-century polar expeditions, were taken in 2019 at the Sólheimajökull glacier in the south of Iceland. The landscapes show icebergs and drift ice, fragments detached from the ice mass due to global warming.

With this work, Gabriele Rothemann creates a link between past and present and implies a possible future – a future in which the glaciers will be just as extinct as the mammoths that once populated the earth. 



1981-1985 Estudios de fotografía, Kunsthochschule Kassel, Alemania
1985-1987 Clase de pintura con el profesor Fritz Schwegler, Academia de Arte de Düsseldorf, Alemania
1987 Meisterschülerin (estudiante de maestría)
Premios y becas (selección):
1988-1989 Beca anual del DAAD en el California Institute of the Arts, LA (con John Baldessari y Michael Asher)/ 1996 - 1997 Academia Alemana Roma Villa Massimo / 2014 Premio de la Ciudad de Viena para las Artes Visuales / 2017 Premio EIKON (45+)

Exposiciones individuales (selección): 2020 Waterfall, Instalación en la Jesuitcurch Viena / 2018 DEPOT, art storage - hs art service austria, Viena / 2017 Quire | twentyfour birdcages, MUSA, Viena / 2015 Duck and Cover, Gallery Raum mit Licht, Viena / 2012 Hab und Gut, Foto-Raum, Viena

Exposiciones colectivas (selección): 2020 Después de nosotros, la inundación, Kunst Haus Wien / 2018 Muéstrame tu herida, Dom Museum Wien / 2018 Premio EIKON (45+), Künstlerhaus, Viena / 2015 nuevos fines, Kasseler Kunstverein - Kunsthalle Fridericianum / 2012 La biografía de las imágenes, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig

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