Ríos Intermitentes

Ríos intermitentes remains committed to the historical and geographical value of the city.

It focuses on preservation, on making Matanzas a destination, not a transit point. As a comprehensive project based on the concept of man-nature symbiotic relation, we propose to work directly in the communities and in recuing the historical and botanical memory; work in the rivers and in the neighborhood; work on the revindication of the botanical memory by creating gardens of beauty, gardens with
practical value. We want to call the attention of spaces and communities in need of our healing intervention.

We invite the artists to conceive their works beyond the conventional spaces and supports. All these actions are grounded on criteria of assistance, tolerance understanding, conversation, and dialogue with thelandscape, and the social, geographic, urban, and historical settings.

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San Ignacio #22, esq. Empedrado, La Habana, Cuba.

+537-861 20 96

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